Expert group meeting on combatting trafficking in supply chains, Geneva 14 July 2016

The Special Rapporteur on trafficking in persons, especially women and children, convened on July 14th a meeting with representatives from multi stakeholder initiatives and industry coalitions working on tackling exploitation of workers in supply chains. The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To learn about good practices and  challenges in the implementation of human trafficking and forced labour related clauses in  voluntary standards,
  • To share and discuss lessons learnt in adopting due diligence measures, monitoring compliance and the establishment of grievance mechanisms,
  • To discuss good practices in  voluntary standards  that could be extrapolated to regulatory frameworks and,
  • To explore next steps that could help reinforce multi-stakeholder standards, improve auditor training and assessments, and examine other strategies to certify and verify labour standards and human rights.

This meeting is part of a larger project on combatting trafficking in supply chains, which builds on the work of the mandate over the past four years, particularly on the Special Rapporteur’s report to the General Assembly on the risks of human trafficking in the global economy, the response of global businesses, existing strategies to combat abuse, and the immediate and long-term steps necessary for business leaders to take effective and sustainable action.

Acknowledging the catalyst effect which multi-stakeholder initiatives and industry coalitions perform in transforming business models, the goal of this project is to reduce the vulnerability that workers face in supply chains by strengthening multi-stakeholder and industry-based strategies.