Call for femicide related data and information

Further to her report to the General Assembly A/71/398, of 23 September 2016, in which the Special Rapporteur on violence against women called for the prevention of femicide or gender-related killing of women and the establishment of femicide watches and/or observatories on violence against women in line with the modalities explained in the same report, Ms. Simonivic has since been working with other UN and regional mechanisms towards promoting measures aimed at analyzing and preventing femicide.

Since her 2016 report, significant progress has been made, and the Special Rapporteur has witnessed a growing number of States that have either established femicide watches/observatories or that have developed measures to collect data.  The aim of such initiatives is to analyse cases involving the killings of women, from a human rights perspective, in order to determine shortcomings within national laws and policies, including their lack of implementation, and to undertake preventive measures. 

Based on comparable data and the analysis of laws and practice, and with the objective of eliminating femicide, the Special Rapporteur kindly seeks your support in accelerating efforts to prevent gender-related killings of women and respectfully requests information on:

  • The existence of, or progress in, the creation of a national femicide watch and/or observatory on violence against women.
  • Administrative data on gender-related killings of women for the last three years (2016-2019), disaggregated as follows:
    • The number of intimate partner killings (i.e. based on the relationship between the victim and perpetrator, the number of women killed by their partners/ex-partners, husband/ex-husband etc.) 
    • The number of killings by family members or other killings by unrelated persons but gender-related or with a sexual motive;
    • Other femicides

In addition, the Special Rapporteur would also be grateful for information on the following: 

  • Number of killings of children, disaggregated by sex, in the context of gender-related violence against women;
  • Number of suicides by women and man, as a result of gender based violence (including domestic violence and abuse, forced marriage etc.)

The Special Rapporteur would be grateful to receive any of the above information and data by 20 November 2019. All submissions should be sent to  You are kindly requested to provide your submissions in English, French or Spanish, which are the working languages of the Secretariat.

Submissions received:

Member States