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Working Group on discrimination against women and girls

Purpose of the mandate

Women and girls everywhere are still subject to significant disadvantage as the result of discriminatory laws and practices. Equality has not been achieved in any country in the world, and pledges to eliminate discriminatory laws have not been fulfilled.

The mandate was created to intensify efforts to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women and girls throughout the world.

About the mandate

At its fifteenth session in 2010, the Human Rights Council adopted by consensus resolution 15/23 to establish a working group on the issue of discrimination against women in law and in practice.

Most recently renewed in June 2019 through resolution 41/6, the mandate name was changed from the Working Group on discrimination against women in law and practice  to the Working Group on discrimination against women and girls.

Learn more about the mandate and its methods of work

About the members

The Working Group is composed of five independent experts of balanced geographical representation, working collectively as a group and producing work in the name of the mandate. More on the members of the Working Group

Key documents

Impact of the mandate

This document highlights achievements made by the Working Group, alongside efforts from civil society organizations and state authorities, to eliminate discrimination against women.


Latest thematic reports

Women's human rights in the changing world of work: This 2020 report focuses on the need to ensure future trends like automation, globalization, climate and demographic change do not deepen existing discrimination against women. It provides targeted actions so that States and the private sector may support the creation of a world of work where women benefit and contribute on equal footing with men. View report page | View interactive version (English | Español) | View document A/HRC/44/51

Women deprived of liberty: The Working Group takes a comprehensive look at the various forms of restrictions or interference with women’s personal liberty or movement, by state and non-state actors, including on the basis of their sex and prescribed gender roles. The report examines the causes, nature and extent of the deprivation of liberty, with particular attention paid to the impact of multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination against women and girls. View report page | View document A/HRC/41/33

Latest country reports

Mission to Romania (24 February to 6 March 2020)
View end of mission statement | forthcoming report A/HRC/47/38/Add.1 to be presented at the HRC’s 47th session

Mission to Greece (1-12 April 2019)
View document A/HRC/44/51/Add.1

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