A Spoilt Hero by Nimisha Ebbers, Thailand

 Many children around the world are trapped in the vicious cycle of poverty and the lack of education.  FILE/UNPHOTOPrince Cuddlebum was a well-suited name for this particular prince. He was always being cuddled by every one who saw him.

Prince Cuddlebum had a very restricted life.. "Never go out of the burrow palace", [his mother] said with all the sternness a rabbit Queen could have.

Cuddlebum got everything that he wanted .. As expected he was very spoilt. All that changed..

One clear sunny day Cuddlebum decided to go out and play bunnyball with his friends., the ball bounced up and over the fence.

"Oh no!" shouted Cuddlebum, [f]orgetting all about his mother's words, he stomped furiously towards the burrow gates. Once outside, he was met by the most horrible sight he ever saw... Cramped stinky burrows.and skinny bunny kids about his age sweeping the floors, with every move their ribs protruded out of their scrawny bodies. They looked half dead.

"No wonder mother didn't let me come out here, it's terrible," thought Prince Cuddlebum.

As he turned around the corner he saw loads of children making bunnyballs, stitching them together very carefully in the dim light.

Cuddlebum found himself being snatched by a gruff looking bunny, and put in front of him an unfinished bunnyball. "Bbbbut you can't do this to me I'm the prince of Bunnyland, if my mo ther found out about this she'll have you arrested!!!" screamed Cuddlebum.

"Phoi the prince eh, the prince is a spoilt brat. You see all this", the bunny pointing at the pile of bunnyballs, "this is all for the prince, now get back to work or you'll get a decent whipping."

"Didn't you know it's the Prince's birthday? All of these are for him. I sure wish I could have at least one," whispered [bunny] Blackie.'

For a few days Cuddlebum [plotted] to get everyone out. After all he felt really guilty about how much he got, and how little others got. With Cuddlebum in the lead, they marched right up to the throne where the Queen sat with worry in her eyes.

"Cuddlebum!" she screeched when she saw him. 'I've been worried. Where were you?" Then she saw the others who shuffled nervously behind Cuddlebum. "What are they doing here! Get them out!!!" She shouted. "Haven't I taught you anything Cuddlebum? They're filthy scum!"

Cuddlebum was shocked.. "Mom they're normal bunnies, how would you feel if I told you this?" Cuddlebum told his mother about his adventure.

His mother stared at him with astonished eyes , "when had [my] son become so wise?" she wondered, "I'll see what I can do."

She turned to face Cuddlebum, Blackie and the others. "I'm sorry," she said. "Now go get washed and changed while I get the cooks to cook a feast for the lot of you," She smiled and added, "you all look half starved."

They had a filling feast and lived happily ever after, never having to starve again. I wish this were the same for the real world.

Excerpted from Nimisha Ebbers, Age Group 8-12, Thailand, Highly Commended, Writing Contest for International Human Rights Day 2006, Cyberschoolbus, United Nations