"Human rights are our common heritage and their realization depends on the contributions
that each and every one of us is willing to make, individually and collectively, now and in the future."

Louise Arbour
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2004 - Stamp Series (visuals)

37 cent
37- cent
tem No. 309.3060

We recognize steel bars and concrete walls, but there are many kinds of prisons. Repression of creativity, ethnicity, culture — these things can kill our spirits. The men and women struggle to escape the forces that restrict their freedom. The woman bundles her child and flees towards a better future. One man is so tired of fighting, he can hardly go on. His leg fails him, but he holds onto the blue rose, his inspiration, to keep him on his feet. Another has fallen, but he remembers the hope that encouraged him to make the attempt in the first place. Behind the bars, the prisoners cheer them and also remind them not to forget those left behind.

70- cent
tem No. 309.3061

Real freedom is marked by the presence of justice. We regard the value of our individuality by the law’s recognition of our humanity, its fairness, and its equal application to all. The woman holds the boy close and looks forward to the day when he can stand up as a free man. Others tend to their fallen companion and close their eyes as if in prayer to the solemn promise of punishment to those who do evil. The scales of justice measure everyone the same.

F.s. 0,85
tem No. 509.3062

When we are at peace, our minds relax, and we open them to other thoughts besides survival and despair. We can express who we are, what we want, what we value and what we love. The woman poses with all her fruit, her offering of love, while the artist paints how he feels about her. Another woman seeks his attention with her flower. The man and woman express their passion in the silence of their time together. We do not have to speak to be heard. We do not have to touch to be felt in the heart of another.

F.s. 1,30
tem No. 509.3063

One of the great blessings of freedom is our ability to choose our futures. We can love whom we want, how we want, and we can marry whom we want. The man and woman are grateful for the children beside them. They can be together on their own land, behind a fence that guarantees them privacy. Pomegranates grow in the window of the house they share. The children are both the source of their inspiration, the blue rose, and the promise of tomorrow that comes from it. The boy and girl cultivate their own garden of hope. Its flowers are tiny and precious.

€ 0,55
tem No. 709.3064

Before we can begin a new life, we must allow ourselves to heal. We have to let our souls breathe a little. Free people do not have to forgive their oppressors, but they must learn to live without the hate that spurred them for so long. They open themselves to a fresh, new world of beauty and peace. Their dream has become real, and they take their first steps in it.

€ 1,25
tem No. 709.3065

Once we become secure in the protections of freedom, we can be at peace to enjoy one another. Man and woman exchange pomegranates, the fruit of themselves, and dream of love. Another couple holds a blue rose, their inspiration, and are glad to be together in the moment. Smiling at her bouquet, the woman knows that romance will be in her life one day. She must be patient and hope. Even if we disagree, even if we are angry, we can protest without violence or fear of violent reprisal.

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