"Human rights are our common heritage and their realization depends on the contributions
that each and every one of us is willing to make, individually and collectively, now and in the future."

Louise Arbour
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2004 - Activities in the Field: Tajikistan

Promotional materials:

1. Notebook containing the text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Tajik (national language), Russian (language of communication) and Uzbek (biggest minority language) will be used in all events devoted to the Human Rights day and after it in seminars.

2. Colour wall calendar for 2005 containing list of dates related to Human Rights will be distributed at the Human Rights Day events and after it.

3. One CD with Human Rights documents in Russian, English and Tajik to be distributed to NGOs and other partners.

4. The Human Rights newspaper (distributed to all schools as a supplement to the Teacher's Gazette twice monthly) has published in November an appeal for launching a week devoted to Human Rights in the schools, containing examples of activities which might take place:

  • holding of classes devoted to Human Rights
  • competition for drawings, posters, logos devoted to the topics Right to Life, Rights of the Child, etc.
  • holding of opinion polls on Human Rights.
  • creating of School Center for conflict management
  • drafting of a School's Bill of human rights
  • election of a School's Ombudsman
  • establishment of a club of the young public defender.

Materials to guide the readers in organizing the events were published as well.

5. Text of the Fact Sheet on the Human Rights Day, devoted to Human Rights Education, will be distributed during the events to be held in the week before 10 December and on the official celebration, along with the rest of the promotional materials.

Events on the eve of the Human Rights day :

1. Round table on Human Rights Education in secondary schools for Ministry of Education, Ministry of Justice and NGOs, with the participation of the OHCHR Regional Adviser Prof. Rein Mullerson and other experts (6-7 December),:

2. Competition for Human Rights trainers in two parts

- 1) for lawyers


2) for teachers and NGOs, to which 35 applicants sent written essays on Human Rights topics, with the participation of the OHCHR Regional Adviser Prof. Rein Mullerson and other experts (8 December),

3. Workshop on the individual complaints procedure under the First Optional protocol on ICCPR, for Government, members of judiciary and NGOs, with the participation of the OHCHR Regional Adviser Prof. Rein Mullerson, and other experts (9 December)

Human Rights Day:

A round table devoted to the Human Rights Day jointly with the partners in Government, UNCT, OSCE, other international organizations, NGOs and mass media. The achievements and the perspectives for further development in the field of Human Rights will be discussed as well as planned activities in the field of Human Rights Education.

This will be follow by a reception for the participants and to show the UN DVD "The Pain of Others".

The staff of the Human Rights center and the newspaper will visit schools to assess the holding of the week devoted to 10 December and will distribute promotional materials.