"Human rights are our common heritage and their realization depends on the contributions
that each and every one of us is willing to make, individually and collectively, now and in the future."

Louise Arbour
United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


HUMAN RIGHTS DAY 2004 - United Nations General Assembly

This year, on 10 December the General Assembly will devote a plenary session on human rights education to mark the end of the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004) and the beginning of a World Programme for Human Rights Education (2005-open ended). The new World Programme will be structured in consecutive phases, each of them focusing on specific sectors/issues periodically identified by the Commission on Human Rights. The first phase, 2005-2007, will be devoted to human rights education in the primary and secondary school systems.

  • Plenary Session on Human Rights Education
  • Report of the High Commissioner on a proposed plan of action for the first phase of the world programme for human rights education
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