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Bachelet, urges Government of Nicaragua to stop harassment of civil society and media


GENEVA (15 December 2018) - The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet on Saturday urged the Government of Nicaragua to immediately stop intimidation and harassment against civil society and the media.

"I appeal to the Nicaraguan Government to cease immediately the persecution of human rights defenders, civil society organizations, journalists and media that is critical of the Government," said Bachelet.

"I also urge the authorities to respect and guarantee the human rights and fundamental freedoms of all people in Nicaragua."

The High Commissioner said she regrets the acts of repression that have taken place in the country since April, and have intensified in recent weeks with harassment of journalists, raids on the media and the recent withdrawal of registration licenses for nine NGOs.

Bachelet stressed her willingness to continue discussing with the authorities to find the path that would allow the UN Human Rights Office to once again have a stable presence in the country.

"I reaffirm my willingness to continue working so that my Office can re-establish itself in Nicaragua and thus be able to assist the Government in discharging its obligation to respect and defend the rights and freedoms of its people."