Meryl Streep urges action against gender discrimination

Fifteen years on from the United Nations Fourth World Conference in Beijing in 1995 women’s groups internationally are renewing their campaign against laws which are explicitly discriminatory.

At the UN in New York a campaign is launched to combat discriminatory laws against women.At the United Nations in New York, actress Meryl Streep offered her support to a campaign for the repeal of legislation which gives women the status of second class citizens. Appearing for the international human rights organization, Equality Now at an event jointly organized with the UN Human Rights Office, Streep spoke of the billions of women and girls who face discrimination “in all aspects of their lives, in their community, in the workplace, in the governance of their countries, and in the protection of their bodily integrity.”

Streep supported Equality Now in calling on the United Nations and its member states to appoint a Special Rapporteur to monitor equality before the law. “Too many governments,” Streep said, “have not fulfilled their pledged commitments to equality before the law for all women and girls… A government that allows discriminatory laws to remain in force endorses and actively perpetuates gender inequality.”

10 March 2010