The High Commissioner is proud of the UN Human Rights Office in 2017

The work of human rights through projects undertaken by the UN Human Rights Office during the 2017 is the focus of the latest release by the office.

Human rights officer conducts a monitoring visit to a detention centre in Mali. © Credit MINUSMA/Sylvain Liechti The UN Human Rights Report 2017 outlines the many achievements of the Office both in Geneva and in the field. It is work that has drawn increased attention and pressure in the last year, said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

“This is a formidable and complex mission, which is becoming increasingly challenging,” he said in the introduction to the report. “We seek to prevent discrimination, exclusion, and deprivation and contribute to fostering just and inclusive societies where disputes can be peacefully resolved; where development opportunities are available to all; where fundamental rights are respected; and where institutions are inclusive, transparent and accountable – at the service of all their people.”

Some accomplishments highlighted in the report include progress made regarding legislation and policies to combat specific areas of gender discrimination in several countries. Strong efforts were also made to combat other forms of discrimination including racism, xenophobia, and discrimination against people with disabilities and the LGTBI community, as well as to protect the rights of migrants.

As Zeid prepares to leave office at the end of August 2018, and as the Office enters a new four year planning cycle, he assured Member States and Civil Society of the continued commitment of his colleagues to preventing human rights violations, protecting and promoting human rights, and urged Member States and other donors to continue to support the work of the UN Human Rights Office to advance justice, equality and dignity.

Read the report here.

 11 June 2018

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