Universal Periodic Review opens seventh session

Sixteen countries from various regions of the world will have their human rights records examined during the seventh session of the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review (UPR) Working Group, which takes place from 8 to 19 February in Geneva.

A previous session of the Universal Periodic Review Working Group.- © OHCHRThey include, in order of review, Qatar, Nicaragua, Italy, El Salvador, Gambia, Bolivia, Fiji, San Marino, Kazakhstan, Angola, Iran, Madagascar, Iraq, Slovenia, Egypt and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By the end of this two-week session, 112 out of the 192 member States of the United Nations will have had their human rights records examined by the UPR Working Group since it became operational in April 2008. In December 2011, when the UPR completes its first four-year cycle, all UN member States will have been reviewed under this human rights mechanism.

The UPR, established by the General Assembly, aims to improve the human rights situation in all United Nations member States. It assesses whether countries fulfil their human rights obligations and commitments and addresses human rights violations wherever they occur. Composed of all 47 members of the Council, the UPR Working Group meets three times a year. It issues reports summarizing the discussions and recommendations made during each session.

The seventh session takes place in the Human Rights and Alliance of Civilizations Room at the Palais des Nations in Geneva. More information is available on the webpage of the session, which is also webcast live.


8 February 2010