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Rio+20, 20 to 22 June 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, offers a  historic opportunity to define pathways to a sustainable future – a future with more jobs, clean energy, greater security and a decent standard of living for all.

It is an unprecedented opportunity to build “The Future We Want.” Rio + 20 is aiming for political consensus on a global plan which balances and integrates economic and social development and environmental protection.

With more than 100 presidents and prime ministers, along with thousands of parliamentarians, mayors, UN Officials, non-governmental organization leaders, academics and representatives expected to gather in Rio, the conference has been described by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon as, “one of the most important conferences in the United Nations history”.

In the run-up to Rio + 20, the UN Human Rights office urges the global community to put human rights at the core of all discussions on “sustainable development” and advancing the “green economy”.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay has written to all Member States recalling the commitments from the Rio Declaration of 20 years ago which “put human beings and their right to a healthy and productive life at the centre of concerns for sustainable development”.

In her letter (PDF), Pillay warns that “strategies based on the narrow pursuit of economic growth without due regard for equity and related environmental, social, and human rights considerations will both fail in their economic objectives, and risk damaging the planet, and the fundamental rights of the people who live here.”

The UN Human Rights office has identified a number of principles central to a human rights based approach to sustainable development:

  • participation
  • accountability
  • equality and non discrimination
  • empowerment
  • rule of law

Explicit attention should be given to the rights to food, water, sanitation, health, housing, and education in pursuing a just and equitable model of economic growth.


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Statements, messages and speeches, on Rio + 20 and related issues by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, UN experts, the UN Human Rights office and the Chief Executive Board.

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