60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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United Nations International Nursery School: It's Human Rights Day for Them
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Drafting Committee on Intenational Bill of Rights( Commission on Human Rights), in Lake Success, New York.  Left to right : Dr. P.C. Chang, China; Henri Laugier; Mrs. Eleanor D. Roosevelt, USA; Prof. John P. Humphrey, Canada; Dr. Charles Malik, Lebanon; Prof. Vladimir M. Koretsky, USSR
UN Photo 
Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt of the United States holding a Declaration of Human Rights poster in English
UN Photo 
Three members of the UN Commission on Human Rights in conversation before a meeting on the Draft Covenant on Human Rights was continued.  Left to right: Dr. Charles Malik (Lebanon), Professor Rene Cassin (France), and Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt (USA).  Behind them are United States advisers, Ms. Marjorie Whiteman and Mr. James Simsarian
UN Photo 
Partial view of the 1st meeting.  Left to right:   Colonel William Roy Hodgson, representig Australia; Dr. P.C. Chang of China, Vice-Chairman; Henri Langier, UN Assistat Secretary-General for Social Affairs; Mrs. Eleanor D. Roosevelt, of theUnited States, Chairman; Professor John P. Humphrey, Director, UN Human Rights Division; Dr. Charles Malik, Lebanon, Rapporteur; Professor Vladimir M. Koretsky, representative of USSR; Mr. H.T. Morgan, United Kingdom, alternate
UN Photo 
Eleanor Roosevelt, Chairman of the Commission on Human Rights and United States representative welcomes the representative of the USSR, Professor Vladimir M. Koretsky to the Commission's third session

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