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Shuar Chicham

Source: Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights - Ecuador Field Office


Native Name
Its alternate names are Shuar, Untsuri Shuar, Muraya Shuar (Tacwart, tuntsurit Tacwart, tamurayt Tacwart)

Total Speakers
35 000

Usage By Country
It is spoken in Equator, by more than 30,000 people today, in province of Morona-Santiago and also in Peru . Bilingual level estimates for Spanish: 0 14%, 1 30%, 2 25%, 3 20%, 4 10%, 5 1%.

Shuar (called "Jivaro" by Spanish-speaking Ecuadorians) is a Jivaroan language of South America, closely related to Achuar but different from Achuar Jivaro of Peru. The people prefer to be called 'Shuar'. The Shuar people of the Ecuadorian Amazon have turned their language into a powerful tool to safeguard their autonomy and cultural identity.