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Source: Xi Lu


Native Name

Total Speakers
Similar with other dialects of Tujia Language, so far there is not a clear number of speakers
of Mijisa. However, it is believed to be less than 3,000.

Usage By Country
Mijisa is only used in China

Mijisa is a kind of dialect of Tujia Language(土家语in Chinese), which is an endangered language in southern China.Most of the native speakers of Mijisa lives in Baojing, a small county in Hunan Province. A linguist called Qingxia Dai (戴庆厦in Chinese)and his student Jing Tian (田静in Chinese)have ever gone to Xianren, a village in Baojing County, to study Mijisa. As a result, they published a monograph focusing on Mijisa in 2005.

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Posted 1/5/2016
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