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Sarnámi Hindustani

Source: Deep Mahangi, Former OHCHR Fellow


Native Name
Sarnámi Hindustani

Total Speakers
250.000 Total
150.000 (First language)
100.000 (Second language).

Usage By Country



Sarnámi Hindustani is the Surinamese variant of Caribbean Hindustani, a language which was formed by the merging of dialects spoken by emigrants from Northern-India and Nepal, whom emigrated to the Caribbean in the 19th century to work as indentured labourers. Whereas the Trinidad and Guyanese (Also known als Aili-gaili) variants of Caribbean Hindustani have become moribund, Sarnámi is still widely spoken amongst the Surinamese Hindustani communities in Suriname and the Netherlands. Together with Dutch and Sranan Tongo, Sarnámi is one of the most widely spoken languages in Suriname.

Dialects : Sarnami Hindustani (Aili Gaili, Sarnami Hindi), Trinidad Bhojpuri. More similar to Bhojpuri [bho] than Hindi [hin]. Similar dialect to Trinidad-Tobago.

Received 12/10/2013
Posted 12/10/2013
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