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Source: Jirel Association Nepal


Native Name

Total Speakers
According to latest national census 2011, as many as 4,829 jirel speak their mother tongue.

Usage By Country
Besides Nepal, Jirel language is also spoken in India (Darjeling, Sikkim, Kolkatta etc), Bhutan as well as in Maldhives.

Jirel are one of the 59 indigenous peoples in Nepal. They are the original inhabitants of Jiri and its adjoining villages in Dolkha district, the central region of Nepal. They have their own distinct language, culture, customs, rituals and lifestyles. The population of Jirel, according to 2011 Census, is 5,747. Settled in a scattered manner at the head of the Likhu, Khimti and Jirishiki rivers and in the valleys, Jirels are found in small numbers in 63 districts of Nepal. They follow Buddhist religion, their priest is called Lama. They also worship Jhakri (shamans). Jhakri and Lamas are called pembo and phombo respectively.

Received 3/31/2014
Checked 3/31/2014