Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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Source: People’s Watch, India


Native Name

Total Speakers
292,000 in India (1997). Population total all countries: 293,580

Usage By Country
Spoken in : Primarily Jharkhand, Ranchi District, Simdega Subdivision, Thethaitangar Anchal and Kolebira Anchal in Khunti Subdivision; West Singhbhum, East Singhbhum; also Chhattisgarh, Raigarh, Jashpur, Durg, Bilaspur, Raipur districts; Orissa, Sundargarh, Sambalpur, Mayurbhanj districts; Assam; Tripura; West Bengal; Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Dhelki mainly in Jashpur, northwest Gangpur (Raigarh) and Sundargarh. Dudh to the east and south, in southern Ranchi, Gangpur (Raigarh) and western Sambalpur. Also in Nepal.


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