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Source: Nepal Jhangad (Uranw) Kodrem Sudhar Karya Guthiyar Aa Karyan Sudhar Samittee


Native Name

Total Speakers
According to latest national census 2011, the population of Uranw, Oraon or Kurukh language is 33,651.

Usage By Country
Besides Nepal, Uranw language is also spoken in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar of India.

Scattered from Sarlahi to Morang, and densely populated in Jhapa, Morang, Dhanush, Sarlahi district, Uranw are also known as Jhangad or Dhangad. They call themselves as Uraunw themselves call Uranw or Kurukha. Uranw are also found in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar of India and they are believed to have migrated from there. The main occupation of Oranw or Jhagad is agriculture. Uranw/Jhangad are animist and nature worshipers. According to latest national census 2011, Uranw are put into two-different categories.

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