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Source: Lhomi (Shingsa) Kalyan Kendra and Nepal Lhomi Society


Native Name

Total Speakers
According to the latest national Census 2011, of their total population of 15,000, only about 1,614 Lhomi speak their mother-tongue -Lhoket-Lhomi.

Usage By Country
Besides Nepal, Lhoket-Lhomi language is also spoken in India and China.

Lhoket-Lhomi language is popularly known as Lhoket, comes from Tibeto-Burman language family. Nepal Lhomi Society (NELHOS) has been developing non-formal education courses and carrying out bilingual literacy programme in villages where Lhomi communities are residing since 2010, so as has published Lhomi-Nepali-English dictionary. There are almost one dozens of books both--fiction and non-fiction-- literary books, story book, children story, collection of poem, proverb & Idiom, traditional song book, health book, DVD literacy, including various pamphlets, brochures, pocketbooks which have been published and widely distributed on Lhoket-Lhomi language. Similarly, a monthly magazine entitled, ‘Thorangkachyen’ also has also been regularly being published on Lhoket-Lhomi language, the government run national daily ‘Gorkhapatra’ also has allocated at least a page on Lhomi language published once in 15 days, under its multi language department.

Received 4/1/2014
Posted 4/2/2014
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