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Source: A Compagna di Zoeni


Native Name

Total Speakers
500,000 in Italy (2002). Population total all countries: 505,100.

Usage By Country

Distinct varieties of Ligurian language are spoken in Italy (Liguria, Piedmont, Sardinia), southern France, the Principality of Monaco and historical destinations of Ligurian emigration worldwide, such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, USA and Canada.


Ligurian is a Romance language of the Gallo-Italian group, indigenous to the region of Liguria, in today’s North-Western Italy.

It is spoken in several varieties, being Zeneize – the one of the city of Genoa – the most widespread and having the strongest literary traditions, besides its past fame as a commercial and nautical language throughout the Mediterranean in times of the now extinct Republic of Genoa. Alternate Names : Genoese (Zeneize), Ligurian (Zeneize) and Zeneize (Genoese-Ligurian).

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