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Source: Xi Lu


Native Name

Total Speakers
The count of native-speakers of Hokkien is about 100 million.

Usage By Country


The most famous alternative name of Hokkien is Min Nan Hua, which means Chinese dialect in southern Fujian Province. Another alternative name is He Luo Hua, because the ancestors of native-speakers of Hokkien have ever lived in the basins of Huang He, namely Yellow River, and Luoshui River. From Jin to Song Dynasty, some locals in these basins settle in southern Fujian. Therefore it is believed that Hokkien has been keeping some characters of ancient Chinese language. Now Hokkien in southern Fujian is still thought to be the most representative. Similar with the situation among native-speakers of Cantonese and Hakka, having achieved a new domicile, some native-speakers of Hokkien continue to immigrate to other places. As a result, Hokkien is used in different countries now.

Hokkien has been playing an important role in local culture in Fujian and Taiwan Province.

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