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Source: Newa: Dey Daboo


Native Name

Total Speakers
According to the latest national census 2001, as many as 846,557 Newar speak their mother tongue—Nepal Bhasa. Of them, 414,491 are male and 432,066 are female speaking Newari language. Newari language is spoken across Nepal also in India.

Usage By Country

Newar are one among 59 indigenous peoples recognized so far by government of Nepal. They call themselves Nepa or Newa. Newars are found in every part of the country and beyond the boundary, but they are the original habitants of Kathmandu valley, the capital city of modern Nepal. They practice both Hinduism and Buddhism. They have their distinct culture having long history, which is heavily influenced by Buddhism as well as Hinduism with remnants of ancient Kirat culture. They have a distinct way of life, customs and traditions of Newar. They are very famous for the skills of woodcarving. Newars are one of the very few indigenous nationalities who have been urban oriented and made great success in politics, bureaucracy, arts and architecture.

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