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Source: Sunuwar Welfare Society


Native Name

Total Speakers
According to latest national Census Report 2011 carried out by government, as many as 37,898 people speak their mother-tongue--Koĩts-Lo:.

Usage By Country
Nepal, India, Bhutan, China (Honk Kong/ esp. by British Gorkha Army-family), UK, (esp. British Gorkha Army-family) where ‘Koĩts Lo’ is spoken. In India, especially at Sikkim State government has listed Koĩts-Sunuwar language as one of the official language.

Koĩts-Sunuwar are one of the 59 indigenous peoples recognized by Nepal government, who inhabit the eastern part of Nepal, alongside the Liku (Likhu), Ngãku (Sunkoshi), Subuku (Tamakoshi) Rivers, and their other branches Khimku (Khimti), Yolung, Molung, and Solung. Its source – in the Rolwaling Himalayan range– flows to the south. They call themselves as Koĩts in their mother tongue and are proud to identify themselves as ‘Kirant-Koĩts’.

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Posted 9/10/2013
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