Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Stories on Human Rights - By Filmmakers, Artists and Writers

To mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and a non-governmental organisation, Art for the World, commissioned a series of 22 short films created by some of the world's leading directors. The films are associated with a book which features the works of 12 internationally-known writers, including five Nobel Prize Winners, and posters designed by arts students.

The project was made possible thanks to the commitment and creative support of many individuals, and the financial support of the European Union, the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs, and SESC in São Paulo, Brazil.

Upcoming screenings

  • Sguardi Altrove Film Festival, Milan , Italy , Feb 27 – Mar 8, 2009
  • Ankara Film Festival , Turkey , Feb 22 – March 1, 2009
  • Milan Film Festival Sguardi Altrove (Looking Elsewhere) - March 3, 2009
  • Flux Laboratory, Geneva , Switzerland , in the context of the Human Rights Festival, March 5
  • International Festival and Forum on Human Rights, Geneva , Switzerland , Mar 6-15, 2009
  • One World International Film Festival (selection), Prague , Czech Republic , Mar 11-19, 2009
  • Festival International de Films de Femmes, Créteil , France , March 13, 2009
  • Cape Wine Lands Film Festival, Cape Town , South Africa , March 21-29, 2009
  • Human Rights Film Festival, Zagreb , Croatia , Mar. 24-28, 2009
  • Amnesty International Film Festival, The Hague , The Netherlands , Apr. 2-8, 2009
  • Festival Doc à Tunis , Tunisia , Apr. 2-6, 2009 
  • JeonJu International Film Festival, Seoul , South Korea , Apr. 30-May 8, 2009 
  •  Jerusalem International Film Festival , Israel , Jul. 9-18, 2009 
  • Vila do Conde Film Festival, Lisboa , Portugal , Jul. 2-12, 2009 
  • Sarajevo Film Festival , Bosnia and Herzegovina , Aug. 12-20,2009
  • Molodist Kyiv International Film Festival, Kyiv, Ukraine , Oct. 24- Nov.1, 2009 

The Project

The Directors

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The UDHR in Six Themes
Stories on Human Rights uses the universal language of art to tell stories through six themes that together capture the ideals enshrined in the Universal Declaration: culture, development, dignity and justice, environment, gender and participation.

Publication which includes the works of 12 renowned writers, interviews with the filmmakersBook:

A high quality publication which includes the works of 12 renowned writers, interviews with the filmmakers and photos from the making of the films.



Posters by Arts studentsPosters:

Arts students from all over the world competed to design posters inspired by the six themes of the UDHR

Film project

Stories on Human Rights

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High Commissioner for Human Rights
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