Worldwide Collection of UDHR Materials

This section presents OHCHR's worldwide collection of materials on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), including various resources developed by governmental and non-governmental organizations both on the occasion of the Declaration's 50th Anniversary (1998) and prior to/after the Anniversary year. The collection is unique in the world and comprises more than 400 items and includes:

The establishment of this collection - a selection of which is permanently displayed at OHCHR's Headquarters at Geneva - is a contribution to the global dissemination of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as envisaged in the Plan of Action of the United Nations Decade for Human Rights Education (1995-2004) and the World Programme for Human Rights Education (2005-ongoing).

The items contained in this collection have been submitted to OHCHR by their authors or other sources. Inclusion in the collection does not imply any specific endorsement by the United Nations neither of the materials nor of the authors' views.



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