El Grupo de Trabajo sobre la utilización de mercenarios - Miembros

 Sr. Chris M. A. Kwaja (Nigeria)* - Presidente-Relator

Mr. Chris M. A. Kwaja (Nigeria) Mr. Chris M. A. Kwaja (Nigeria), Ph.D., is currently a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Centre for Peace and Security Studies (CPSS), Modibbo Adama University of Technology, Yola, Adamawa State, Nigeria. Prior to joining the CPSS, he lectured at the Centre for Conflict Management and peace Studies, University of Jos, Jos, Nigeria. He is a Visiting Research Fellow with the Centre for Democracy and Development, Abuja, Nigeria. In 2008, He was an exchange fellow of Dispute Resolution at the University of Massachusetts, United States. He is also a recipient of several research awards such as the CODESRIA Governance Institute on Private Military and Security Companies, 2009; United Nations Mandated University for Peace Doctoral Research Award, 2009; as well as the Peace Fellow Award of the West Africa Research Centre, 2010. He has worked on the activities of corporate non-corporate mercenaries in Africa, with specific reference to Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Sudan and Darfur.

Srta. Jelena Aparac (Croacia)*

Ms. Jelena Aparac (Croatia) Ms. Jelena Aparac (Croatia) holds a PhD in international public law. Her dissertation focused on “International criminal liability of corporations for international crimes committed in non-international armed conflicts”. She also holds an LLM from the Geneva Academy of International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights. Dr. Aparac is a lecturer in international humanitarian law, human rights, international criminal law and international refugee law. She has given lectures and conferences at academic institutions around the world and has contributed as an independent expert to various intergovernmental discussions on issues related to international peace and security. She has also participated in drafting several complaints against corporations, and worked as a consultant on refugee protection, humanitarian action and diplomacy, protection of civilians and medical missions in armed conflicts. As a field worker and legal advisor for Médecins sans Frontières, Dr. Aparac worked in conflict areas such as South Sudan, Chad/Darfur, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Central African Republic. Her previous experience includes an internship with the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda and with the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

 Srta. Lilian Bobea (República Dominicana)*

Ms. Lilian Bobea (Dominican Republic) Ms. Lilian Bobea (Dominican Republic) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Behavioral Science and Criminal Justice, at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts. She is also the Chairperson for the Latin American Studies Association‘s section and Track on Defense, Public Security and Democracy. She is an occasional consultant in the area of police and military reform and on judicial systems. Ms. Bobea has a Bachelor in Sociology from the Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo and a Master in Sociology from the State University of New York, Binghamton. She also has a Ph.D from Utrecht University. Some of the main activities she engages in include international conferences on the topics of security, human rights, civil and military relations, police and justice systems reform. She is also a pro-bono advocate for the rights of deportee’s immigrants and is a publisher of a monthly column for a local newspaper in the Domincan Republic. She has multiple publications on various issues including violence, criminal justice and on the war on drugs.

Sr. Saeed Mokbil (Yemen)*

Mr. Saeed Mokhbil Mr. Saeed Mokbil holds a Masters Degree from college of International law and international relations of Kiev University and diploma in journalism from International Institute of Journalism - Berlin with 25 years of experience in human rights, including in monitoring, reporting and submitting communications on human rights violations and country reports to United Nations mechanisms. His professional experience includes positions with OHCHR, International Service for Human Rights as well as posts in diplomatic missions in Geneva and Ethiopia, and in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Yemen and lastly as Executive Director of the International Organization for the Least Developed Countries (non-governmental organization). He has taken part in country missions related to the mandate and has field experience from Darfur, Ethiopia, Somalia and Yemen.

 Srta. Sorcha MacLeod (Reino Unido)*

Sra. Sorcha MacLeod Dr Sorcha MacLeod (United Kingdom) is a Marie Curie Fellow and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Denmark. She is an experienced teacher and researcher in the fields of international human rights law, business and human rights with a focus on private military and security companies, and the privatisation of armed conflicts. She has published widely in these areas. She holds a PhD from the University of Glasgow, and an LLM and LLB(Hons) from the University of Dundee. She is a Guest Lecturer at the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin, Germany and previously taught at Free University Berlin and the School of Law at the University of Sheffield, UK. In addition to her teaching and research she was involved in the drafting of international standards for the security industry, including a proposed UN treaty, the Montreux Document and the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers (ICoC) and has advised civil society, the security industry and governments on human rights compliance.