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 Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Andrew Gilmour (left) listens to Peter Pringle, the last man to be sentenced to death in Ireland, who now campaigns for global abolition of the death penalty and provides support to exonerated former prisoners.

Tortured lives after the death penalty

At the screening of the BBC documentary “Fallout” at the UN in New York, exonerated death row victims narrate their struggles to piece together their broken lives without government compensation or support.


Still powerful: UDHR at 70

In an era of “backlash against human rights,” how can the 70-year-old Universal Declaration of Human Rights help to solve today’s and emerging global challenges?

Noticias/derechos humanos

OPT report
UN expert calls for international community to impose accountability measures on Israel to inforce resolution to be adopted.

Launch of the yourHRC.org Guide to the 2020 HRC elections
ASG Brands Kehris delivers keynote remarks on the membership of the HRC – an issue at the heart of the Human Rights Council’s effectiveness, credibility and legitimacy.

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