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OHCHR in Nepal (2006-2007)


On 10 April 2005, the Government of Nepal signed an agreement with the High Commissioner on Human Rights to establish an office with a far-reaching mandate on human rights. After the Commission for Human Rights welcomed the agreement, OHCHR deployed an assessment mission to Nepal . The High Commissioner's representative arrived in Nepal on 7 May 2005 with a small start-up team of human rights officers.

OHCHR Nepal's offices are now established in Kathmandu (central region), Nepalgunj (far-western region), Pokhara (mid-western region) and in Biratnagar (eastern region). 

2006-2007 Programme

The Office aims to reduce impunity on both sides of the conflict by: monitoring the human rights situation and observance of international humanitarian law; investigating and verifying allegations of human rights abuses; setting up regional offices for the deployment of international human rights officers throughout the country; encouraging all relevant actors to observe international human rights law and international humanitarian law; informing the competent authorities of human rights violations and other abuses; and maintaining communication with all competent government agencies and civil society organizations.

The programme also aims to strengthen the national capacity to protect human rights by: advising the executive branch of the Government on human rights policies and how to implement them; advising the legislative and judicial branches of the Government; identifying capacity-building measures to remedy critical weaknesses; ensuring that recommendations and decisions made by United Nations bodies and organizations are taken into account by the Government; advising and assisting the National Human Rights Commission; and advising and liaising with civil society organizations on national protection mechanisms, particularly as they affect vulnerable groups.

Office staff will work with international and national organizations to build capacities in support of the peace process, coordinate activities among national and international stakeholders, and enhance the protection of internally displaced persons and children in conflict.

Expected Accomplishments

A diminished climate of impunity on both sides of the conflict.

Strengthened national capacity to protect and promote human rights.

Coordinated, complementary and effective initiatives by international and national bodies and organizations to protect human rights and support a peaceful solution to the conflict.

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Field Operations and Technical Cooperation Division (FOTCD)
Contact is in Geneva, Switzerland.

Asia Pacific Section
Tel. +41 22 928 9650


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