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About Us

The UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture serves as a knowledge-sharing platform for practitioners and beneficiaries to exchange good practices and lessons learned from project implementation to assist torture survivors.

Thematic panels and workshops

The Fund organizes annual expert workshops and public events to shed light on different thematic issues related to the right to redress, including rehabilitation, bringing together a wealth of collective experience from grantees from around the world.

Surviving Torture and Fighting Stigma: the road to recovery for victims of sexual and gender-based torture. Read the full report on this Expert Workshop.
3 April 2019

Seeking Justice for Torture: a victim-centred approach. Read the full report on this Expert Workshop.
11 April 2018

A Victim's Journey: redress and rehabilitation for torture victims in migration. Read the full report on this Expert Workshop.
28 April 2017 

How Can Children Survive Torture: Redress and Rehabilitation of children and adolescent victims of torture and the intergenerational transmission of trauma. Read the full report on this Expert Workshop.
8 April 2016

Redress and Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture: experiences learnt through the UN Fund for Victims of Torture
16 April 2015


Brochure: The UNVFT - Rebuilding lives and empowering civil society (PDF)

Brochure:  From Horror to Healing: Victims' stories (PDF)


"A Victim of Torture is one Too Many"
June 2021

Grantees of the Fund assist communities during COVID-19
July 2020

 "It’s good to remind people of the human face of an organization." | Stand up for human rights | UN Human Rights
June 2020

The indeterminate confinement of asylum-seekers in transit zones is unlawful: the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, an organization supported by the UN Voluntary Fund for Victims of Torture, wins a landmark case before Court of Justice of the European Union | More about Hungarian Helsinki Committee 
May 2020