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For more detailed information about how to report on a grant, all grantees are invited to consult:  

After receiving a grant 

Upon receipt of the grant, grantees are requested to fill in and sign the following forms:

Six-month progress report (deadline: 15 July) 

Only grantees receiving a grant for the first time are requested to submit a progress report on the first six months of the use of the grant:

  • by 15 July
  • through the online portal (access the GMS site here)

Final financial and narrative report (deadline: 1 March)

Organizations that have received a grant must submit a final narrative report about the full project implementation period:   

  • by 1 March (the year immediately following grant implementation)
  • include information about the results achieved, number of victims assisted (disaggregated by sex, age, nationality, legal status and type of assistance provided) and ten anonymous case studies
  • through the online portal (access the GMS site here) 

Audit report

Organizations that have received a grant may also be selected, randomly or otherwise, for audit by an independent external evaluator registered in the country. Selected organizations will be notified by the Secretariat via a Letter of Notification.