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Get inspired by Rosa Logar, who’s spent 40 years advocating for women’s rights.

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It is important to allocate funding in fair and balanced ways based on consistent standards. For this reason, grants from the Voluntary Fund are issued based the following guidance.

According to General Assembly resolution 40/131, the only beneficiaries of assistance from the Fund shall be representatives of indigenous peoples’ organizations and communities:

  1. Who are so considered by the Board of Trustees;
  2. Who would not, in the opinion of the Board, be able to attend meetings without the assistance provided by the Fund;
  3. Who would be able to contribute to a deeper knowledge on these mechanisms and bodies of the problems affecting indigenous peoples and who would secure a broad geographical representation.

In addition, the Secretary-General approved the following criteria upon recommendation by the Board:

NOTE: The Board will not consider applications from indigenous representatives – and their nominating organizations – who have been beneficiaries of the Fund and failed to submit their evaluation forms.