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When to apply

The annual call for applications is open every year from 15 January to 1 March (applications submitted after the deadline will not be accepted). Grants are awarded for a one-year period (1 January to 31 December) of the following year. The maximum amount of a grant is US$ 30,000.


Applications must be submitted in English, French or Spanish.

How to apply a grant

All applicants are requested to agree with the Guidelines for the Applicants and the Grantees and confirm their adherence to them by signing the Application Form. All applicants are requested to submit duly filled and signed Application Form, Budget Form and Banking Information Form to the OPCAT SF Secretariat ([email protected]) before 1 March 2023.

Documents to be submitted for application for a grant

    • Application Form (Word) - English
    • Budget Form (Excel) - English
    • Certification Form (Word) - English
    • Form F.249 PUB (Word) - English
    • Bank statementor official letter from a bank - confirming the bank/account information
  2. NEW APPLICANTS (in addition to above)
    • Certification of registration for new grantees
  3. NGO APPLICANTS (in addition to above)
    • Registration at UN Partner Portal (Non-governmental organizations, academia, foundations) at For more information about the registration click on the link.

Before submitting your application please make sure that you have all requested documents – please review the APPLICATION CHECKLIST

Upon receipt of the grant, grantees are requested to fill in and sign the receipt form, and return it to the OPCAT SF Secretariat ([email protected])

Acknowledgment Receipt Form (Word) English

Video how to apply