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Call for contributions - Initial reports under article 29(1) of the Convention - Cambodia and Mauritania - 25th session (11- 29 September 2023)

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11 August 2023

Purpose: For victims and other civil society actors, NHRIs and regional and international human rights mechanisms to contribute to the examination of States’ initial reports.


Two years after having ratified the Convention, all States parties must submit a “first report” to the Committee, to make a balance of the measures taken to implement the Convention, and of the challenges met.

The review of State party’s first report takes place through a public interactive dialogue between the experts of the Committee and representatives of the national authorities that have some competence related to the issue of enforced disappearances.

In that context, the Committee particularly welcomes the contributions of victims, civil society organizations, National Human Rights Institutions and all interested stakeholders.

The idea is that all can provide information and share their view on the successes and challenges met as regards enforced disappearances and related issues. Such contributions are essential to allow the Committee to have a complete and objective view of the situation at stake in each of the States examined.

Such contributions must be made through written contributions and can be complemented by short oral interventions in private meetings that take place before the dialogue with the State party (see format of the contributions and corresponding deadlines below).

Following its exchanges with civil society actors and its interactive dialogues with the States parties under review, the Committee will adopt concluding observations in a closed meeting. In this official document, the Committee outlines the positive aspects, its principal subjects of concern and its recommendations to the State party regarding the measures it should take to prevent and eradicate enforced disappearances in line with the rights and obligations of the Convention.

Key questions and types of input/comments sought

Comments on State party’s initial report and reply to list of issues; information on questions raised by the Committee in its list of issues related to the State party concerned; any other issue of concern related to the Convention for the Protection of all Persons against Enforced Disappearances

Key documents

Cambodia : Initial report – LOIs – Replies to LOIs

Mauritania : Initial report – LOIs – Replies to LOIs

How inputs will be used

All contributions will be shared with CED experts. When submitting a contribution, please ensure to specify if you wish it to be made public or not. Public submissions will be uploaded on the Committee’s webpage in their original language only. Confidential submissions will only be shared with the members of the Committee.

Deadline to request confidential oral briefing (complementary to the written submission): 31 July 2023

Next Steps

Please send all contributions by e-mail by 11 August 2023 23:00 CEST.

Email address: [email protected]

Email subject line:
Written contributions on Cambodia (initial report under art. 29(1))
Written contributions on Mauritania (initial report under art. 29(1))

Word limit: 10,700 words

File formats: Word

Accepted languages: English, French, Spanish,