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Call for input: online hate speech

Issued by

Special Procedures


23 June 2023

Purpose: To inform the report of the Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism on online hate speech to 78th session of the General Assembly


The Special Rapporteur is gathering contributions from Member States, and other relevant stakeholders, to prepare her report to the 78th session of the General Assembly on the topic of online hate speech.

Call for written submissions

The Special Rapporteur welcomes all inputs on the topic of online hate speech and particularly invites stakeholders to provide information and share their views on the following points:

  • The different forms and manifestations of online hate speech, including online hate speech amounting to incitement to racial discrimination, hatred and violence.
  • How those facing discrimination on grounds including race, ethnicity, nationality, descent, religion, migration status and/or LGBTI status experience online hate speech experience online hate speech, including the experiences of those facing discrimination on multiple and intersecting grounds.
  • The nexus between online hate speech and false information and news.
  • The relationship between online hate speech, including, but not limited to, hate speech amounting to incitement to racial discrimination, hatred and violence and hate speech, hate crimes and related human rights violations, which take place offline.
  • The role of private companies in preventing and addressing online hate speech.
  • The key challenges faced in effectively preventing and addressing all forms and manifestations of online hate speech.
  • Any examples of good practice, demonstrating effective action to prevent, address and punish online hate speech, including through regulatory legislation, policies, education, counter-speech, steps to build societal support for plurality and/or prosecutions, when applicable,
  • Examples of the effective application of the Rabat Plan of Action’s six-part threshold test, as well as any challenges faced in the implementation of these criteria.
  • What are the experiences of victims of online hate speech who seek access to remedies following experiences of hate speech.
Next Steps

Inputs may be sent by e-mail. They must be received by 23 June 2023. No extensions can be granted on this occasion and submissions received after the deadline will not be considered. Early submissions are encouraged.

Email address: [email protected]

Email subject line: Input for report on online hate speech

Word limit: 2500 words

File formats: Word, PDF

Accepted languages: English, Spanish, French

Secure Submissions:
If you have concerns about digital security and your submission, you may wish to contact organizations that can provide you with information and support. One such organization, Access Now, has a free digital security helpline to help keep individuals and organizations safe online. Inquiries can be sent to [email protected].

Public Availability of Submissions:
Submissions may be posted on the OHCHR website at the time of the report's publication, except those containing a clear request not to be made public