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call for input | Special Procedures

Call for inputs from the mandate of the Working Group on discrimination against women and girls

Issued by

Working Group on discrimination against women and girls


18 September 2023

Purpose: To inform the Working Group on lessons learned, key challenges and opportunities related to the mandate, and its impact, particularly over the past six years.

We intend to include stocktaking of the Group’s work in its reporting to the Human Rights Council in 2024, as well as an analysis of the global context of escalating backlashes against women’s and girls’ universal human rights and gender equality.


We hope that this will contribute to strengthening the work of the mandate while reiterating our commitment towards accountability. Such a stocktaking exercise will also be useful for the four new members of the Working Group who will be appointed in September 2023.

Key questions and types of input/comments sought
How inputs will be used

Kindly note that we will keep all inputs received on file in the Secretariat but will not make them public.

Next Steps

Inputs may be sent by e-mail. They must be received by 18 September 2023.

Email address:
[email protected]

File formats:
Word, PDF

Accepted languages:
English, Spanish, French