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call for input | Special Procedures

The contributions made by human rights defenders to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the challenges they face in this work

Issued by

Special Rapporteur on human rights defenders


04 June 2024

Purpose: To inform the Special Rapporteur’s annual thematic report to be presented to the General Assembly in 2024.

The next report of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights defenders to the General Assembly will focus on the contributions that human rights defenders make to states’ efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The report will also highlight the challenges that defenders face in doing this work.

In this call for inputs, the Special Rapporteur is seeking examples from Member States, National Human Rights Institutions, civil society and human rights defenders themselves of how human rights defenders are working alone or together with civil society or state institutions towards achieving the SDGs, the successes they have had and the challenges they have faced.

The Special Rapporteur asks that respondents submit information for as many of the Goals they can, recognising that it will not be possible for a single respondent to provide examples of HRD work for every one of the Goals.


The Special Rapporteur intends to demonstrate the key role played by human rights defenders in supporting States to meet the objectives outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Key questions and types of input/comments sought

The Special Rapporteur is inviting input from States, United Nations agencies, funds and programmes, national human rights institutions, academics, educators, business actors, as well as civil society organizations.

Questions (feel free to respond to those which are relevant to your work)

How inputs will be used?

All contributions will be posted on the OHCHR website. Please do not include any personal details which you would not want to be found online. Examples provided may be used in the Special Rapporteur's report and by making a submission you are consenting to the use of this information in her report.

Next Steps

Please send responses in the Excel sheet, or in a Word document, in English, French or Spanish. Clearly specify the entity making the contribution on the document itself and add paragraph numbers.

Email address:
[email protected]

Email subject line:
Contribution: SDGs & HRDs

Word/Page limit:
2000 words

Accepted file formats:
Excel, Word

Accepted Languages:
English, Spanish, French