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Report on responsibilities of local governments with respect to adequate housing

Issued by

Special Rapporteur on the right to adequate housing


22 December 2014


In her first report to the General Assembly (A/69/274), the Special Rapporteur on adequate housing, Ms. Leilani Farha, outlines some of the priority themes for her mandate. Among others, she identifies the important role of governments at the sub-national level (state, provincial and municipal) in implementing the right to adequate housing.

The Special Rapporteur decided to focus her first thematic report to the Human Rights Council, pursuant to resolutions 15/08 and 25/17, on enhancing accountability to international human rights norms and standards of sub-national governments as it relates to adequate housing.


This report focuses on the roles of local and other subnational levels of government. It considers how they can be fully engaged in the realization of the right to adequate housing.

Drawing inspiration from emerging human rights initiatives bringing together cities and subnational governments, civil society, community-based organizations and human rights institutions, this report underscores the benefit of interactive relationships with local struggles for the realization of the right to adequate housing.

Access the report A/HRC/28/62 in all 6 UN official languages.

View a user-friendly guide for local governments and civil society: English | Français | Español


To inform her report, the Special Rapporteur sent a questionnaire designed to inviteGovernments and other relevant actors, such as National Human Rights Institutions, civil society organizations, networks, associations, UN Agencies and entities, and others with relevant information, to share contributions and inputs for the report. See inputs received below.

Questionnaire (English | Français | Español)

Inputs Received
Inputs Received


National Human Rights Institutions

Civil society organisations and Academia

United Nations Agency