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On 9 April 2016 , OHCHR, the Inter American Commission on Human Rights and the Inter American Court for Human Rights jointly organized a regional consultation to enhance cooperation between United Nations and regional human rights mechanisms of the Americas. The thematic focus was on interactions with human rights defenders and civil society. Various UN Special Rapporteurs and treaty body experts and members of the Inter-American Commission and Court presented their work, shared experiences, best practices, challenges. A large number of civil society actors and human rights defenders contributed to this discussion, reflecting on key human rights challenges in the region and the context for human rights defenders activities. The consultations identified priority thematic areas for discussion at the 5th global workshop of regional human rights arrangements to be held October 2016.

On 11 April 2016, The President of the Inter American Commission for Human Rights and the commissioners received and held discussions with the OHCHR delegation, led by the ASG Simonovic suggested key areas of mutual cooperation with UN mechanisms, including participation in each other’s meetings, organizing joint visits and statements.

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