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Procedural documents

A/HRC/52/19: Conclusions and recommendations of special procedures


13 December 2022

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The present report provides a comprehensive overview of all the reports presented by special procedure mandate holders in 2022. It includes the list of mandate holders reporting at each of the three annual sessions of the Human Rights Council and at the General Assembly, the number of reports on country visits and any other reports submitted by the special procedures. It also contains information about the main themes addressed by mandate holders in their thematic and country visit reports, focusing on cross-cutting issues such as the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, climate change, migration, women’s human rights and gender, new technologies, the prevention of human rights violations, security, conflict and peacebuilding, and the coronavirus disease (COVID19) pandemic. The report also reflects on the link between the work carried out by the special procedures and the Secretary-General’s report entitled “Our Common Agenda” and his call to action for human rights

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United Nations Secretary General

Delivered To:

Human Rights Council, Fifty-second session