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The impact of arms transfers on human rights: 2020 report


19 June 2020

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To prepare this report, OHCHR sought input from Member States, international and regional organizations, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations.

The report also draws on a diverse range of public sources, including international and regional instruments, the practice of United Nations human rights mechanisms, and reports of regional and humanitarian organizations, civil society, scholars and practitioners.


In the report, the High Commissioner builds on A/HRC/35/8 to examine specific ways that diversion of arms and unregulated or illicit arms transfers may create a gendered impact on the human rights of women and girls. The report also examines how these practices may increase gender-based violence against women and girls, including sexual violence and domestic violence. Placing the topic within the broader context of preventing human rights violations against women and girls, she examines considerations that can be taken into account to prevent diversion of arms and unregulated or illicit arms transfers. The High Commissioner concludes with a number of recommendations.

Delivered To:

44th session of the Human Rights Council


Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights