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Nowhere but back: Assisted return, reintegration and the human rights protection of migrants in Libya


11 October 2022




This report sheds light on gaps in the human rights protection of migrants who are assisted to return from Libya to their countries of origin. While such returns are in principle “voluntary”, the report finds that many migrants in Libya are unable to make a truly voluntary decision to return in accordance with international human rights law and standards, including the principle of free, prior and informed consent. Instead, they are frequently compelled to accept assisted return to escape abusive detention conditions and other human rights violations, or because they are effectively denied access to safe and regular protection pathways, including asylum. Additionally, the report finds that many migrants are returned to the same adverse drivers and structural conditions which compelled their movement in the first place, putting them in precarious and vulnerable situations upon their return. Such returns are unlikely to be sustainable from a human rights perspective, the report finds.

Issued By:

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights