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A/HRC/54/83: Inequality, social protection and the right to development - Study by the Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development


04 July 2023

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Right to development

In the present study, the Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development examines inequality within and among States through the framework of the right to development. It considers the political economy of development and explores capacities to enhance universal and comprehensive social protection systems.

In assessing inequality-reduction policies and social protection systems, the Expert Mechanism identifies global good practices and practices that are exclusionary or restrictive. It places social protection systems within the context of State obligations, international cooperation and global partnerships, as outlined in the Declaration on the Right to Development, and the new social contract, as outlined in the Secretary-General’s report entitled “Our Common Agenda”.

To conclude, the Expert Mechanism offers recommendations to States and other stakeholders to address deepening inequalities within and among States by establishing universal social protection systems as a fundamental human right understood through the principle of equality of opportunity for development.

Issued By:

Expert Mechanism on the Right to Development

Delivered To:

Human Rights Council, Fifty-fourth session


Bonny Ibhawoh (Nigeria)