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Thematic reports

A/HRC/53/39: Gendered inequalities of poverty: feminist and human rights-based approaches


26 April 2023

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In the present report, the Working Group focuses on poverty and socioeconomic inequality as outcomes of systemic failures that violate multiple human rights of women and girls. The Working Group analyses the cross-cutting conditions of gendered socioeconomic inequality and examines the structural discrimination and drivers within political, economic, cultural and social systems which cause, perpetuate and deepen women’s and girls’ experiences of poverty and inequality. It draws attention to the deficiencies of dominant economic models and methods in accurately capturing, measuring and addressing the impact of poverty and socioeconomic inequality on the rights and substantive equality of women and girls, and it highlights promising alternative approaches. 

In its recommendations to States, and to international organizations and corporations, the Working Group insists upon the urgency of reframing poverty and inequality within and between countries as issues of global concern that necessitate integrated responses informed by intersectional feminist and human rights-based approaches. 

Issued By:

Working Group on discrimination against women and girls

Delivered To:

Human Rights Council, Fifty-third session