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A/HRC/54/51: Arbitrary detention - Report of the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention


31 July 2023

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Arbitrary detention


In 2022, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, under its regular procedure, adopted 88 opinions concerning the detention of 160 persons in 50 countries. It also transmitted 43 urgent appeals to 22 Governments and, in one case, to other actors, and 111 allegation letters and other letters to 61 Governments and, in three cases, to other actors, concerning at least 356 identified individuals. Some States informed the Working Group that they had taken measures to remedy the situations of detainees and, in numerous cases, the detainees were released. The Working Group is grateful to those Governments that responded to its appeals and took steps to provide it with the information requested on the situation of detainees. 

Issued By:

Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

Delivered To:

Human Rights Council, Fifty-fourth session