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Impact of arms transfers on the enjoyment of human rights: 2017 report


03 May 2017

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Weapons and arms


In preparing the report, OHCHR sought input from Member States, international and regional organizations, national human rights institutions and non-governmental organizations.

In addition to containing information received from these entities, the report draws on a diverse range of public sources, including from United Nations human rights mechanisms and reports by scholars, practitioners and civil society organizations. Summary

In this report, OHCHR first highlights some key aspects of the impact of arms transfers, including the potential or actual use of transferred arms, on the enjoyment of human rights before setting out the relevant international and regional law framework governing arms transfers.


It then suggests elements that may be used by States and other stakeholders to assess the relationship between arms transfers and human rights, including in the context of the human rights risk assessments that should be carried out pursuant to article 7 of the Arms Trade Treaty and regional arms transfer instruments.

Issued By:

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Delivered To:

35th session of the Human Rights Council