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How Covid-19 is changing the world: a statistical perspective


30 March 2021



Throughout the current crisis, the international statistics community has continued to work together, in partnership with national statistical offices and systems around the world to ensure that the best quality data and statistics are available to support decision making during and after the crisis. This report - compiled jointly by 36 international organizations, under the aegis of the Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA) - gives a small flavour of that cooperation.

It provides a snapshot of some of the latest information available on how COVID-19 is affecting different aspects of public and private life, from economic and environmental fluctuations to changes that affect individuals in terms of income, education, employment and a consistent message is clear – this is an unprecedented crisis, and no aspect of our lives is immune, including human rights.

The risk that the pandemic will accentuate existing patterns of human rights violations and discrimination is real. Most of the regions that have a lower proportion of ratified international human rights treaties and independent National Human Rights Institutions witnessed a higher number of killings of human rights defenders, journalists, or trade unionists. These regions also face a higher prevalence of discrimination.

The COVID-19 pandemic tests our human rights resilience and that in every stage of this epidemic – including the recovery – efforts should be made to involve National Human Rights Institutions, civil society, and human rights defenders.

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Committee for the Coordination of Statistical Activities (CCSA)