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Human rights and the draft Cybercrime Convention


23 May 2024

OHCHR supports the drafting of a Comprehensive International Convention on Countering the Use of Information and Communication Technologies for Criminal Purposes (Convention) and encourages States to agree a text that complies fully with international law, including international human rights law. By firmly grounding the new Convention in existing international law, the Convention will effectively contribute to addressing cybercrime in accordance with the principles of legality, due process and the rule of law. A failure to do so would not only undermine efforts to address cybercrime but also contribute to an environment that enables it.

This information note identifies key human rights messages for treaty drafters, civil society organizations and other stakeholders based on the further revised draft text of the Convention of February 2024.

In focusing on key messages, the briefer does not exclude stronger human rights-related provisions that Member States and other stakeholders might propose. It should be noted that each of the areas highlighted below raises specific concerns from the perspective of international human rights law, each warranting close and separate consideration. In this regard, OHCHR cautions against compromise positions that might concede a lower standard in some of these areas as part of a broader package.

Issued By:

Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights


Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights