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24th Annual Meeting of special procedures


27 - 30 June 2017

The 24th Annual Meeting of Special Procedures will take place in Geneva from 27 to 30 June 2017. The Annual Meeting offers mandate holders the opportunity to discuss issues of common interest, coordinate their work and meet with a range of stakeholders, including States and civil society organizations. This years’ meeting will focus in particular on the following topics:

  • In terms of working methods, mandate holders will focus on enhancing coordination and developing common approaches to mandate transcending and cross-cutting issues. In this context, they will revise some aspects of their communications procedure, address issues related to potential conflicts of interest, examine the processing of their reports and explore how to engage with the media and use new technologies better.
  • The meeting will also discuss issues related to acts of intimidation and reprisal against those cooperating with the UN on human rights and with special procedures in particular, also in light of the designation of the ASG Andrew Gilmour to lead the UN efforts to put an end to intimidation and reprisals.
  • Issues related to cooperation with special procedures in general and the implementation of their recommendations will be addressed.
  • Mandate holders will have a discussion on the link between the SDGs, human right and resources mobilization exploring the contribution of the system of special procedures in this area
  • Mandate holders will continue their discussion on the achievements of the special procedures system since the establishment of the first mandate.
  • Mandate holders will in addition engage with stakeholders on issues related to the role of special procedures in prevention and early warning, in particular in the context of the implementation of their recommendations
  • Mandate holders will have an exchange with representatives of various regional human rights mechanisms on issues related to democratic space.
  • Mandate holders will also meet with the High Commissioner, the President of the Human Rights Council, Member States and civil society/NHRIs.

Civil society organizations are invited to submit relevant information or points for consideration by the special procedures by 22 June 2017, which will serve to inform the discussions. Submissions can be sent to ([email protected]).