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Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights: 2022 elections


13 April 2022


Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)


New York

The terms of service of half of the current members of the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights were set to expire on 27 December 2022. A postponed election for those seats took place on13 April 2022 2020 in New York, (ECOSOC).


The individuals elected to fill the positions on the Committee for the period 2023 – 2026 were:

Name State
Mr. Aslan ABASHIDZE* Russian Federation
Mr. Asraf Ally CAUNHYE* Mauritius
Mr. Peters Sunday Omologbe EMUZE* Nigeria
Mr. Santiago Manuel FIORIO VAESKEN Paraguay
Mr. Ludovic HENNEBEL* Belgium
Ms. Joo-Young LEE Republic of Korea
Ms. Karla Vanessa LEMUS DE VÁSQUEZ* El Salvador
Ms. Julieta ROSSI Argentina
Ms. Preeti SARAN* India

* current member – re-elected

Further information
Note verbale

African States: English | Français | Español

Asian States: English | Français | Español

Eastern Europe States: English | Français | Español

Latin American and the Caribbean States: English | Français | Español

Western Europe and Other States: English | Français | Español


Annex I: English | Français | Español

Annex II: English | Français | Español

Annex III: English | Français | Español

Annex IV: English | Français | Español

Annex V: English | Français | Español

The current Members of the Committee on Social Economic and Cultural Rights and their terms of office are (as of 1 January 2021):

In accordance with ECOSOC Resolution 1985/17 (paragraph (b), in regard to the composition of the Committee, due consideration must be given to equitable geographical distribution and to the representation of different forms of social and legal systems.

Accordingly, seats on the Committee are allocated on the basis of regional groupings as follows.

Regional group States parties as 10 September 2021 Total number of seats on the Committee Number of seats open to election
African States 50 4 2
Asian States 41 4 2
Western Europe and Other States 27 3 1
Latin American and the Caribbean States 30 4 3
Eastern Europe States 23 3 1
TOTAL 171 18 9

CVs IN WORD (Maximum 1 and a half pages) should be sent in accordance to the attached format by State parties (English | Français | Español) in electronic version to [email protected].

Provisional list of candidates nominated by States Parties


Region Names of candidates + CV Nominated by
African States Ms. Djam Doudou Daouda Cameroon
  ​Mr. Hassane Diane [withdrawn]
[English | Français]
​Côte d’Ivoire
  Mr. Peters Sunday Omologbe Emuze Nigeria
  Mr. Thokozani Kaime Malawi
  Mr. Asraf Ally CAUNHYE Mauritius
Asia Pacific States ​ Ms. Preeti Saran India
  Ms. Joo-Young Lee ​Republic of Korea
Western Europe and Other States Mr. Ludovic Hennebel
[English | Français | Español]
Latin American and the Caribbean States Ms. Karla Vanessa Lemus de Vásquez
[English | Español]
El Salvador
  Mr. Santiago Manuel Fiorio Vaesken ​Paraguay
  Ms. Julieta Rossi
[English | Español]
Eastern Europe States Mr. Aslan Abashidze Russian Federation